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KYK Genesis Water Ionizer


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alkaline ionized water from the KYK Genesis Water Ionizer

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The KYK Genesis 25000 is the most inexpensive advanced water ionizer!

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 KYK Genesis Water Ionizer Features:

 Automatic water flow control.  All you have to do is touch the alkaline or acidic water sensor and the KYK Genesis will automatically turn on your water, filter it, and ionize it.  So simple!

Premium filtration. The KYK Genesis comes with a premium activated carbon filter as well as a brand new specialized media filter to improve the filtration of fluoride and heavy metals.

Platinum titanium mesh plates.  The KYK Genesis features brand new platinum titanium mesh plates, measuring 20 cm by 7cm each!  Why mesh?  It increases the surface area that contacts your water, so you get better ionization.  These plates are also cooler and will expand the product lifespan.

Automatic pH and ORP control and display. The KYK Genesis controls the pH and ORP of your water by adjusting the ionization according to the mineral content of your tap water.  This allows the KYK Genesis to estimate and display the pH and ORP of your water accurately.  No other system can do this. 

SMPS (switched mode power supply) power control system.  This is a zero transformer system, so it can supply stable power and solves problems such as heat, noise and the loss of power that all transformer based water ionizers encounter. Please read our article on the SMPS system. 

Nine preset water levels.  You get four alkaline water settings that range from 8.0 - 10.0pH, a pure water setting, and four acidic water settings ranging from 4.0 to 6.0 pH, all with a convenient touch sensor selection system. 

76 programmable pH and ORP levels. Most water ionizers only offer a handful of settings but with the KYK Genesis you can program in almost any pH and ORP combination, to customize the water to the level that's right for you. 

Filter contamination sensors. The KYK Genesis is the first water ionizer to monitor the contamination of its filters, so it can accurately tell you when to change them. 
Sophisticated filter life indicator. Based on actual water usage not a timer.
Auto-diagnosis system.  The KYK Genesis is the first water ionizer to offer a six item auto-diagnosis system, to tell you what problems it may be encountering, for enhanced usage.
 A full sized color LCD screen. For displaying pH, ORP, auto-diagnosis system, filter life, flow rate, and more.
pH (concentration of alkalinity and acidity) display system.
OPR (oxidation-reduction) display system
7 color display system. To correspond with pH of water.
2 high capacity filters.  The activated carbon filter is good for 9000 liters, the specialized media filter is good for 6000 liters.
Voice prompts for each product function, chimes, and soft music for acidic water. 
Water flow rate displayed as liter per minute.
Automatic cleaning system. Initiates after every use of product, for enhanced cleaning and also to solve the problem of having to wait for a cleaning cycle to run.  
 Automatic draining system. Drains water into the electrolysis cell and filter, to enhance cleaning and expand the lifespan of the product.
High quality ion exchange
Nontoxic, food-grade hose and plumbing
Modern design for enhanced décor.

Simple To Use & Simple To Install

KYK Genesis LCD screen

KYK Genesis LCD Screen

The LCD screen on the KYK Genesis displays the water's pH, ORP, it's flow rate in liters per minute, the type of water selected, any auto-diagnosis issues such as filter contamination, whether the sound prompts are on or off, and the filter life for both filters.
KYK Genesis Touch Sensors
Below the LCD screen are seven easy to use touch sensors.  To create alkaline water at a 10pH, all you have to do is touch the "Alkali Water" sensor until it displays a 10 pH, then hit the "On" button. To make acid water, just hit the "Acid Water" touch sensor and hit "On". 

Installation is also a breeze with the KYK Genesis.  It uses only 1/4 tubing and all you have to do is install our cold water line diverter valve under your sink, then run the 1/4 inch line to the compression valve marked "In" underneathe the KYK Genesis, then just insert the 1/4 inch tube.  Finally, you connect a second 1/4 inch tube to the valve marked "Out"  and let this tube rest in your sink to drain the water from the KYK Genesis that's not in use.

KYK Genesis Product Specifications

Manufacturing Company: KYK Co. Ltd.
Name of Model KYK 25000
Mfg/Product Approval Code: 2213/07-667
Water supply type: Direct connection to tap water
Warranty: 5 years parts and labor.
Standard voltage: 110V, 50-60Hz
Electrical consumption: 150W
Size: Size: 13.4 (W) x 13.4 (H) x 7.25 (D) (inches) Weight:
Weight: 8.8 pounds
Installation Position: Countertop and wall mounted
Water Supply Type: Faucet diverter connection
pH Range: Approximately 2.5 - 12 pH (4-10 pH preset)
Controlling Method: Touch
Temperature Range: 5°C ~ 30°C
Available Water Pressure: 1.5~3.0kgf/cm2
Electrolysis Method: continuous electrolysis with a flow sensor.
LCD Screen: Displays pH and ORP levels, 7 colors, the water flow rate per minute, “Working” ionization indicator, the filter life for 1st and 2nd filter, auto-diagnosis codes, water purification, and sound.
Handling Capacity: 2L of alkaline water/minute. 1.5L of acidic water/minute
Electrolysis Ability: 4 levels of Alkaline water, 4 levels of acidic water, filtered only water
Electrolysis Cell: 5 sheets of Platinum coated titanium.
Electrode Sheet Wash: Automatic washing controlled by MyCom.
Filter Life: 1st filter: can handle about 6,000ℓ or 6 months, 2nd filter: can handle 9000 liters or 9 months.
Filtering Material (Made in Korea): 1st filter: Antibiotic one-side filter, Zeomic, Noxious Odor Calcium, Active Carbon (with silver added), Sediment filter
2nd Antibiotic one-side filter, Granular Activated Carbon, Active Carbon (with silver added)
Message to indicate Filter Change: Displays on LCD screen when the filter life indicator reaches 7000 liters. Even if the taste and smell of water is not normal, you should change the filter anyway.
Over-Current Detector: Automatically stops the output of electrolytic cells once over current is detected.
Calcium addition: adding calcium for forced dissolution.
Over-Current Detector: Automatically stops the output of electrolytic cells once over current is detected.
Over Temperature Protector: the temperature detector circuit installed inside the SMPS automatically stops the device once a temperature abnormality is detected.
Power Source Protector: Fuse
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1st Filter Cartridge




2nd Filter Cartridge


KYK Genesis 25000 Water Ionizer

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Includes two cartridge filter

These filters are for KYK machines made before 2014

KYK Genesis 25000 Water Ionizer (discountinued)
KYK Genesis (4000 L) Replacement Cartridge Filter #1


KYK Genesis (8000 L) Replacement Cartridge Filter #2



Flojet Water Pump
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