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 The Fundamentals of Vibrant Health



Effective Exercise Equipment

Chi Flow Extended
Chi Energizer

Chi Infra-Vibe Professional

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Exercise is one of the best ways to oxygenate your body, lose weight, and keep sickness at bay, so why people don't do it? Many are lazy and some are literally fearful that the exercise itself would kill them. Well our Chi Energizers solves all those hurdles because all you need to do to get some exercise with the Chi is to lie down, and it will exercise you. That is an unbeatable concept and leaves you with no excuse not to get all the benefits of exercise. You don't have to go to a gym and absorb other peoples sweat and do things that you fear would kill you.


Effective Sleeping Aids & Nutrients

If you thought exercise was important, well wait until you learn about the importance of rest and sleep. For starters you can live longer without exercise than you can without sleep. Getting a great nights sleep is absolutely critical to vibrant health and we have some items that we feel will help.


AcuRest Snoring Relief


Mindfold Relaxation/Sleeping Mask
Nutrients that help sleep



Vitamin D


























































































The Chi Machine

Exercise Made Easy

Far Infrared (FIR)

FIR Sauna Warps
Far Intrared Sauna Wraps

FIR Portable Saunas
Portable Saunas

FIR Mattresses
Far Infrared Mattresses

FIR Slim Body Warps
Far Infrared Body Wraps

FIR Healing Lamps
Far Intrared Healing Lamps

FIR Sauna Domes
Sauna Dome

Nature's Superfood

Frozen E3Live

E3AFA Capsules and Powder
Capsules or Powder

E3 Enzymes
Digestive Aide

E3Live AFAMend
Have Inflammation?
Try E3Live AFAMend

Want More Stem Cells?

Get StemEnhance!

E3Live BrainOn
Feeling Depressed? Turn on your brain with BrainOn

RenewMe Total Body Blend
Powerful Superfood Mix
RenewMe! Body Blend

E3Live E3 Probiotics
Billions of Friendly Bacteria
E3 Probiotics




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