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Alkaline Water Research

 Why Drink Alkaline Water
 Dr. David S. Dyer
 Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi MD
 Reverse Aging by S. Whang
 Alkalize or Die by Dr. Baroody
 Advice From The Experts
 Alkaline/Acid Water Use Chart


Alkaline Water Aisle

Life Ionizer 8100 7 Plate Convertable Under counter and countertop model
Alkaline Water Ionizers

Replacement Cartridge Filters For All Models of Water Ionizers

Replacement Cartridge
 Filters & Accessories

Ionizer Citric Acid Cleaning Cartridges

Portable Water Alkalizers
AOK 909 Alkalizer
AOK Portable Alkalizer
H2Go Waterman Portable

prefilters: Lead, Arsenic, Fluoride, Iron, Nitrates, Chlorine, Sediments, etc
Pre-filters & Housings

Shower Filters

Dental Care
 WaterPik Oral Irrigator
WaterPik Ultra 100

Magnetizer Hard Water Magnets
  Hard Water Treatment

Test Kits and ORP Meters


  Alkaline Boosting Drops

  Cellfood Products: MultiVitamin, SAMe,DNA/RNA, Weight Loss, Oxygen Gel
Oxygen Supplement
Cellfood Products

Internal Cleanses

Green Superfoods 
Enzymes & Probiotics

Vitalzym Systemic Enzymes
Rich & E3

Rich Distributing MSM
Rich Distributing MSM
Heavy Metal Detox

Acuped Detox Foot Pad

Acupeds Detox Foot Patches

Bio-Chelat Heavy Metal Chelator

   Bio-Chelat Heavy Metal Removal
Heavy Metal Test Kit
    Heavy Metal Test Kits
   Far Infrared Products

FIR Sauna Warps
Far Intrared Sauna Wraps

FIR Portable Saunas
Portable Saunas

FIR Mattresses
Far Infrared Mattresses

FIR Slim Body Warps

Far Infrared Body Wraps

FIR Healing Lamps Far Intrared Healing Lamps

FIR Sauna Domes
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