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pHresh Portable Alkalizer Water Pitcher

The pHresh Has Been Discontinued and replaced by the AOK Portable Ionizer

If you are looking for replacement filters for the pHresh please call us.

pHresh is a portable drinking container with a brand new, revolutionary technology: A patented 3-stage filter and mineral cartridge turns ordinary water into alkaline antioxidant water in minutes! Ideal for traveling and fits easily into hand luggage. Helps to counteract build-up of acid toxins in your body. Your portable antioxidant defense. If you are not aware of the incredible health benefits of drinking alkaline water then you can start learning by reading excerpts from the following alternative health professionals.

This portable alkalizer is the perfect complement to your water ionizer. It effectively filters tap water to create a fresh and healthy taste but much MORE than an ordinary portable filter also adds essential alkalizing minerals and gently increases the alkalinity of the water and ionization (-ORP). Take it with you when you're at work or on the road. If you want to achieve higher alkalinity or if you want your water to have a more diverse alkaline mineral base you can add anyone of our great alkaline boosting drops.

How pHresh it works:
pHresh is a portable container with 3 levels of filters and mineral cartridges, turning neutral or acid water into purified, low alkaline water. Simply pour water into the container and let it flow through! Instead of using electrolysis, a unique method utilizes the chemical reactions of magnesium alloys and a tested composite of natural minerals, to:

  • Increase alkalinity (pH)

  • Impart powerful antioxidant qualities

  • Add minerals

  • Impart a sweet silky taste

Measurements by O.R.P. meter confirm increased antioxidant properties.
Capacity is 1.5 liters (quarts). Supplied with enough filters for one year's use. The unit is cleaned easily with tap water -- no need for a special cleaning solution.

To view the pHresh Manual, Click Here

To view the pHresh testing instructions, Click Here

pHresh Alkalizer FAQs

How does pHresh water differ from the water from a water ionizer? Water from any of our Jupiter ionizers is much higher in alkalinity (pH) and antioxidant power (ORP) than pHresh water. In addition, the Jupiter's Biostone filter removes far more contaminants from the source water. pHresh is a perfect complement to your ionizer, enabling you to both filter and alkalize your water even when you're away from home.

How long will the filters and mineral cartridges last? One year. Provided with your pHresh kit are 4 upper filters, 1 mineral cartridge replacement, and 1 box of cotton pads. A replacement set of cartridge/filters is available for $85.95 US. See below.

How does pHresh work? Coral sand and semalite contain more than 40 minerals which dissolve into the water during filtration. Activated carbon with silver removes contaminants while inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

How do I know if my pHresh alkalizer is performing as claimed? Included with each kit is a box with three test reagents, for checking pH, minerals and chlorine. The pH test should be in the blue to purple range. The mineral test should be violet. The chlorine test should be colorless.

Is it OK to use hot water with the pHresh? It's recommended to use water at a temperature under 40 C (122 F); otherwise the life span of the mineral cartridge may be shortened.


Dimensions 12cm X 29 cm (5 in X 11 in)
Capacity 1.5 liters (quarts)
Filtering Capacity per day 6 liters (quarts)
Filtering Capacity per 6 mos. 1080 liters (quarts)
Ingredients activated carbon, coral sand, semalite, silver, silica sand, zeolite

pHresh Portable Alkalizer

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pHresh Portable Alkalizer - Water Pitcher has been discontinued, but you can still order replacement filters below

pHresh Replacement Cartridge Filter


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