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Melody Alkaline Water Ionizer
Every body loves their Melody.

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Buying the Alkaviva Melody JP104 is a great investment. The Melody has a long standing stellar reputation of performance. We have not met someone who owns a Melody that is not pleased with their purchase; even people who had their Melody for several years. Although it has been on the market longer than many other water ionizers it is still one of the top ionizer in its class. You can check out many of the comparison videos on YouTube to see this. Every Melody owner we know are still pleased with it even after several years of use. The Melody is equipped with Jupiter's new amazing Biostone infrared filter system for maximum purity, energization and filtration ability, the Melody alkaline ionizer is still one of one of the best in Korean innovation and is Jupiter's crowning achievement in its pursuit of perfection. The Melody water ionizer is also the first water purifier in the world, to always give alkaline water.

With 9 levels to choose from, the ideal personal ionization level is immediately obtained. The JP104 'Melody' comes with a faucet diverter and is easily installed in minutes to any sink in the house or office. It also has a built-in flow control on the front of the unit so it can be installed directly to the water source. The Melody water ionizer is  one of the only water ionizers on the market to offer this. Some are now saying that these innovations has raised the bar and has leveled the playing field between Japanese Microwater Ionizers and Korean alkaline water ionizers. Call us if you are having difficulty deciding on which one of our ionizers to buy. One thing you should not do is to stress yourself; Stress produce acid. Call us we can help.

Installation Videos

This installation video comes with your Melody
Please note that the Melody in the video is not the newer model but all the installation instruction still applies.

"The Melody Alkaline Water Ionizer has it all"

  • It is stylish,

  • provides great filtration,

  • provides great range of output,

  • ease of operation and installation,

  • Made by Korea's largest and longest established water Ionizer manufacturer.

  • Industry leading ORP.

  • The Lexus of water ionizers.

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)
The oxidation reduction potential is considered by many to be one of the most significant aspects of drinking negatively charged ionized alkaline water. The ORP is what lets ionized water function as an antioxidant by donating and electron to molecules robbed by free radical activity. The Melody blows the competition away in the area of ORP. An important point to understand when it comes to ORP is that it varies. A water ionizer can produce different ORP readings depending on the source water, but when you compare machines using the same water source, the Melody reigns supreme. With its five giant size genuine Platinum Titanium plates, it leaves its closet competitor over 200 points in the dust. A friend of mine related a story of a group of technocrats; one of them even have a PHD, who came together to identify and promote high tech health products. They actually bought various water ionizers including some worth over $3,000.00 and hooked them up to the same water source. He said the ORP measurement of the Melody was -200 lower than its closest rival. In fact the Melody have been tested in California at -818. Phenomenal! Of course no one needs to drink water with that high an ORP. We just want you to know that it can do it depending on water quality and flow rate. Always remember that.  

BioStone Far Infrared Filter
In addition to filtering out impurities from tap water, the water ionizer passes the water through the 'BioStone', a ceramic formed of the semi-precious mineral Tourmaline. Tourmaline NATURALLY emits far infrared energy (FIR) and changes the surface tension of the water, making it easier to process for the ionizer by beginning the negative ion creation process. This increases the antioxidant effect with the alkalinized water, without an accompanying increase in alkalinity. Tourmaline has been researched and found to activate animal & plant metabolism. It incorporates the very latest polymer ion separation technology, which is patented by Jupiter Science. It makes Jupiter Science ionizers capable of the best range of pH and negative antioxidant ions of any system, making this unit at least comparable to any alkaline water ionizer on the market. These new filters will be the standard for all future Jupiter models. BioStone filters are available in .1 micron and .01 micron forms. The .01 micron filters provide finer filtration than the .1 micron filter.

With Coral Calcium
It gets better. Jupiter have also incorporated Coral Calcium in the filter. This assists ionization in cases of mineral deficient water. This not so much of an issue in the United States where regular tap water already includes ample amounts of organic calcium. Nevertheless this innovation helps us maintain our calcium balance internally. Calcium has the ability to unite with sodium fluoride and converts it to calcium fluoride, a more benign form of fluoride. As Coral Calcium, it's also the ideal 2:1 mix ratio of calcium and magnesium with a host of essential trace minerals. The Melody comes with the new Biostone filter installed. (You also have the option of buying your Melody with a regular Jupiter filter). Now take a look at the detailed product specification of the Jupiter Melody water ionizer


Melody (JP104) Alkaline Water Ionizer Specification

  • 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty - expect years of service.   

  • Post cleaning for perfect water always  

  • Four levels of alkaline water.  

  • Alkaline range varies depending on water source: up to 10.0-12.5 pH

  • Four levels of acid water, including super-oxide.

  • Acid range varies depending on water source: down to 4.0-6.0 pH 

  • Purified water only (non-ionized) option. 

  • Choice of .1 Micron or .01 Micron 3-stage filtration with BioStone Tourmaline Infrared technology.  

  • Filter Life Approx 9 to 12 months depending on use.

  • Input Voltage: AC110V or 220V

  • Power Consumption: .5A (110W)

  • Weight: 4.5kg/10 lbs

  • Dimensions 265 x 145 x 328 mm

  • Inflow Pressure .7-5kg/ccm

  • Inflow temperature 5-30C

  • Electrolysis method One Touch Auto Start

  • Maximum water output 3 litres/min

  • Cleaning System Automatic & Manual

  • Temperature Control Auto Shut off

  • Large 5-plate latest technology polymer ion plated platinum coated titanium ionizing plates (est. life 20 yrs, latest Japanese University technology)

  • ORP varies depending on water source: tested at -818mv in California.  Awesome

  • Stainless steel output spout

  • Integrated computer circuitry throughout

  • Wipe down one-touch control panel

  • Coral calcium port - Comes with two calcium cartridges

  • Unique post-operation automatic, silent cleansing for extended lifespan

  • lowest Voice confirmation every time you choose another output pH 

  • Filter usage Liquid Crystal display indicator

  • Easy 1-minute change filter compartment

  • Optional ability to connect direct to mains and operate under mains pressure. 

  • 1/4 inlet tube; better visually in your kitchen that the 3/8" tube on other models. 

  • 60 Day Money Back Return Policy

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Alkaviva Melody Alkaline Water Ionizer

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